Hello, let's meet!

  • Proud mom of a 2-year-old girl.
  • Family of three living in Orange County, California.
  • Came to the United States in 2010 from a third-world country, Vietnam, by the Immigrant Act in 1975 thanks to grandpa who served in the Air Force of Vietnam Republic before the tragic events happened to the country.

America, the land of hope and dreams come true, has blessed me with high educations and open-minded people who always seeking for a better future of not only our generation, but next generations to come.

As for me, I work for my dreams, my life, my people that I love, and mostly my country, the United States, that I called my promised land.

Graphic Design is my tool and my way of serving people
by using my brain, my imagination, and my talents
for DREAMS that WILL come TRUE